I AM STILL ALIVE 25.12.2020

I AM STILL ALIVE 25.12.2020


Happy holidays to everybody. So. I need to work a bit on the aesthetics but I think I have finally cracked the Panettone thing and of all days, on Christmas Day. It tastes lovely, like the poshest Panettoni but maybe should have added some almonds and sugar on top. This Christmas is a strange one, Klara and katarina haven’t been feeling well for the last couple of days and it’s difficult to tell if it’s a flu or covid. They are sleeping upstairs and Emil and I downstairs by the kitchen. I deliver meals, hot drinks and medicines upstairs wearing and collect dirty mugs and plates whilst wearing a mask. It seems to work (famous last words) and Emil and I should be able to not get ill and hopefully K and K will be better soon. Emil is on good form (receiving presents helps), I have decided not to cook what I planned for Christmas lunch and freeze it so that we can have it when we are all well. I have been working on mastering the panettone and am happy about that. this morning, we did the opening of the presents by video, we are so used to doing seems over zoom now that even if we were in the same house, it seemed quite natural to do it like this.


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