I AM STILL ALIVE 26.11.2020

I AM STILL ALIVE 26.11.2020


Today’s photo is number 330*, is this possible or have I got my numbers wrong? 366 days this year so it would be 34 days to go. Today is the 26th so four days and it’s the 30th and then 31 in December … that makes it 35 to go. Sto dando i numeri. 26 November 2020 is the 331st day of the year during a leap year and there are 35 days left in 2020. I number each photo I take every day and I am certain I haven’t skipped a day so I must have numbered two days with the same number so will have to go through all my photos and find out when this cock-up happened. With two lockdowns so far I am running out of ideas. I have a few more stories to tell but not sure if I should share them: a few might not be appropriate and maybe slightly illegal, some wouldn’t be fair to others and one in particular seems so fantastical I’m now not sure if my mind has made it up. So here I am drinking a cup of tea. Spent a bit of time colour grading it to make it more interesting? Maybe?

* I have found the mistake that happened in October and “today” was day 331


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