I AM STILL ALIVE 21.11.2020

I AM STILL ALIVE 21.11.2020


When I used to use film it would be 100 or 200 ASA (or ISO, same thing) for outdoors, 400 for cloudy days or indoors and 1600 if you were going to shoot in the evening and didn’t mind really grainy results. Otherwise, a flash. Now most camera can go to incredibly high ISOs with great results. My camera goes up to ISO 102400 but I have never (until today) gone there. I usually try not to go over 400 but when photographing gigs in low light I usually have it between 1000 and 1600 and at a push I will go up to 3200. Then in Adobe RAW I get rid of the noise and even if they loose a bit of detail they look good. Today I took this photo in almost complete darkness, the only light was from the street but through the curtains closed. Aperture at F3.2, at one sixtieth. I had to guess the focusing as the screen was very noisy. I am testing a software called DxO which has a new demonising (auto-corrected, de-noising) software called Deep Prime. In this photo, on the left is without noise reduction, in the middle Adobe noise reduction and on the right the noise is reduced by deep prime. I quite like what Adobe does, it’s still a bit grainy but it’s nice grain that reminds me of film grain. This is a very boring post.


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